F-16 Simulator

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Try your hand at a flight simulator F-16 Fighting Falcon! This will be an attraction for your guests, or an interesting idea at the end of lectures at the training center.

Dashboard has been faithfully replicated on a scale of 1: 1. The simulator has 11 screens (one main, 10 screens displaying instruments and buttons). The screens are touch-sensitive buttons, function like the real counterparts of traditional buttons and knobs.

A control rod acts on the force (and not swing) - functionality as the real F-16.

Helmet by head movement tracking system allows you to change the image, along with the movements of the head, which gives the effect of looking around all over the cockpit and outside the aircraft.

In offer of Kosmonauty Hotel there is available study of flying the simulator F-16. Reservations can be made by phone: +48 71 354 47 47


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