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There are many hotels in the world, Hotel Kosmonauty only one!

Hotel Kosmonauty is a modern business hotel located just 2 km from Wroclaw Airport, 3 km from the A8 highway road, and less than 6 km from Municipal Stadium, which hosts a lot of cultural and sports events. The hotel's location near the A4 and A8 Wrocław highway road is easily accessible from the direction of Krakow, Poznan and BerlinThis exceptionally advantageous location provides an ideal base for those, who traveling by airplanes. Way from the hotel to the airport you can beat in 5 minutes.

Inspired by the construction of the hotel in the shape of the MIR space station were "people of the skies" - cosmonauts and astronauts from the whole world, and we had the pleasure to host them in the anniversary of our astronaut - Mirosław Hermaszewski.

Hotel Kosmonauty hotel complements the existing complex, which is composed of Eagle's Nest restaurant, surrounding a large green area and entered in the middle of the Avenue of Oaks. We are very pleased to recommend you this unique place where you can meet unusual people, hear interesting stories and watch a lot of memorabilia associated with the Polish aviation and space explorationsIn this unusual atmosphere we provide to our guests friendly service, comfort and safety. It is great for business, private and family meetings, enriched with delicious cuisine, will definitely leave in your memory unforgettable impressions.

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